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Top 25 Most Iconic T Shirts in Movies and Film

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We all know that Napoleon Dynamite's t shirt collection is the greatest to ever grace the Hollywood stage, but at the end of the day John Heder only wears eight shirts in the movie. There are a lot of shirts out there, and they need our love - that's why we have put this list of the top 25 t shirts in movies and film together! We've got classics from the 80's, 90's and even more recent movies too.

Lets not waste anytime, and get right into it!

25. Mumford Physical Education - Beverly Hills Cop

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, Beverly Hills Cop
Worn by Alex Foley, played by Eddie Murphy.

When Beverly Hills Cop hit theatres and featured Eddie Murphy wearing this shirt, no one anticipated the public interest in finding where to cop this shirt. It caused a huge spike in orders of the shirt at the Mumford High School - check out this article from APNews on the story.

24. Don't Hassle Me I'm Local - What About Bob?

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, What About Bob?
Worn by Bob Wiley, played by Bill Murray.

A clear choice for those living in tourist centres around the world. We love the outrageous size of the font, and contrast of blue and yellow colors. No one will miss you while wearing this gem!

23. Plumtree - Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Worn by Scott Pilgrim, played by Michael Cera.

An effective ringer t shirt is subtle, just like Scott Pilgrim’s Plumtree t shirt. It doesn’t hurt that it’s featured during the climax of a must see movie too.

22. Superman Star of David - Funny People

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, Funny People
Worn by Ira Wright, played by Seth Rogan.

Clever and under-stated - words that can describe this awesome t shirt from Funny People, or the entirety of Seth Rogan's career.

21. Guns Don't Kill People, I Kill People - Happy Gilmore

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, Happy Gilmore
Worn by Mr. Larson, played by Richard Kiel.

As if Richard Kiel needed any help being intimidating to begin with. The messaging of this shirt really drives home his character's motivations. Some good news - in the real world Richard Kiel is apparently a really great guy!

20. Big Fun - Heathers

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, Heathers
Worn by Martha Dunstock, played by Carrie Lynn.

I actually proudly own a Big Fun shirt, and get a ton of compliments when wearing it at parties and get togethers. The moral of the story of many of the shirts in this list is that impactful typography and a witty message are keys to making great shirts.

19. Bull Shit - The Jerk

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, bull shit t shirt
Worn by Billy, played by Jon Leichter.

Confession time - I haven't seen The Jerk, so I can't place this shirt within the context of the film. I just love Cooper Black as a font, and when children use curse words like bullshit. A combo of both? Welcome to the list.

18. Evil Taco - Juno

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, Juno evil taco t shirt
Worn by Juno MacGuff, played by Ellen Page.

For one, this shirt has a really cute illustration of an evil taco with legs. I feel like I really don't even need to elaborate my second point - but if you still need to hear it, that cute taco illustration shirt is worn by Ellen Page. You are welcome.

17. Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, fuck you you fucking fuck shirt
Worn by Lisbeth Salander, played by Rooney Mara.

This shirt really gets to the point, right? It’s got some great typography, colourful language and a great fit with the setting and mood of the film.

16. Games Games Games - Adventureland

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, adventureland
Worn by James Brennen & Em Lewin, played by Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart.

There are two really iconic shirts that came out of this movie - the Games Games Games shirt, and it's twin, the Rides Rides Rides shirt. Both are great - we stuck with Games Games Games as it's worn by both Kristen Stewart and Jessie Eisenberg, and we ship that pretty hard.

15. College Shirt - National Lampoon's Animal House

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, college shirt
Worn by John Blutarsky, played by John Belushi.

This shirt demands to be a staple in any top shirts from pop culture list. It's sense of irony fits Animal House perfectly, as well as John Belushi's character.

14. Win Rocky Win - Rocky

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, win rocky win
Worn by Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stalone.

We would have put this higher on our list, but it’s really a tank top rather than a t shirt. Still, Rocky Balboa’s inspirational shirt defines what an iconic shirt is.

13. Why Waltz When You Can Rock N Roll - The Lost Boys

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, the lost boys
Worn by Edgar Frog, played by Corey Feldman.

LOOK AT HOW AWESOME COREY FELDMAN LOOKS WEARING THIS SHIRT. I mean seriously, god damn that fit is on fire. Gotta love the side-tie bandana touch too.

12. Sock It To Me - Fight Club

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, sock it to me fight club shirt
Worn by Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt.

This t shirt is one of the few examples of more complicated typography in our list - we must have a thing for simplicity. This shirt still totally rocks though - and we would sock it to Brad Pitt without hesitation.

11. Running Horses - Napoleon Dynamite

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, Napoleon Dynamite running horses shirt
Worn by Napoleon Dynamite, played by John Heder.

An iconic graphic t shirt should be both beautiful, and encapsulating of the film it’s featured in. Napoleon Dynamite’s running horses t shirt checks both of these boxes.

10. Fu Manchu - Big Trouble in Little China

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, fu manchu shirt
Worn by Jack Burton, played by Kurt Russel.

This is a really cool shirt, I mean don't get me wrong at all I put it 10th on our list. But if you think about it, does 80's era Kurt Russel really need a shirt on?

9. Air Services International - Napoleon Dynamite

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, Napoleon Dynamite air services international shirt
Worn by Napoleon Dynamite, played by John Heder.

In our opinion this shirt is the most aesthetically pleasing of Napoleon Dynamite’s t shirt collection. Air Services International was a company who serviced cable lines. It’s perfectly random.

8. Shark Cat - Pineapple Express

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, pineapple express
Worn by Saul Silver, played by James Franco.

At first glance you might see a shark eating a cat - but that’s not whats actually happening here. Really it’s a shark and a cat combining forces to become a force of sharpness, and death.

7. Colt 45 - Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, fast times at ridgemont high
Worn by Jeff Spicoli, played by Sean Penn.

This shirt screams tasty waves and a cool buzz - it encapsulates everything we love about Spicoli's character. 

6. Parental Advisory Warning - White Men Can't Jump

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, white men can't jump
Worn by Billy Hoyle, played by Woody Harrelson.

Really simply, this is just a really cool shirt. It’s a sharp idea, and it’s executed really well too. Beyond the aesthetics of the t shirt, it’s also fitting for the film and scenes it’s featured in.

5. One In The Oven - Police Academy

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, One in the oven shirt
Worn by Steve Guttenberg, played by Carey Mahoney.

I feel like there isn't anything you can't get away with while wearing this all-time classic tee. 

4. Mouse Shirt - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, fear and loathing in las vegas
Worn by "Hitchhiker", played by Tobey Maguire.

In our entire list this is the most creatively inspired t shirt. It that sense it’s very fitting it’s featured in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - if you haven’t seen this film yet, go watch it.

3. Gimme' Head Till I'm Dead - Revenge Of The Nerds

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, revenge of the nerds
Worn by Booger, played by Curtis Armstrong.

Font? Check. Attitude? Check. Sentiment? Big check. This shirt is a pure-bred winner.

2. What Are You Looking At Dicknose - Teen Wolf

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, Teen Wolf
Worn by Stiles, played by Jerry Levine.

This shirt has a lot going for it. Simple and high contrast typography, a great font, and an all-time classic insult; seriously, call some one a dicknose and you will feel a rush.

1. Vote For Pedro - Napoleon Dynamite

Top 25 graphic t shirts in movies, Napoleon Dynamite vote for pedro shirt
Worn by Napoleon Dynamite, played by John Heder.

The crowned champion of all graphic t shirts in movies is of course, Napoleon Dynamite’s Vote for Pedro shirt. Did you really expect anything else?

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